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How long does it take for a posterior vitreous detachment to heal?

The flashes and floaters generally subside within one to three months, and 85 percent of those with posterior vitreous detachment experience no further problems.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, how long do symptoms of vitreous detachment last?

Your symptoms may last for a few weeks only, but usually they last about six months. During this time, your floaters and the flashes of light gradually calm down and become less obvious to you. You might be aware of your floaters for up to a year or longer but this is more unusual.

Beside above, does vitreous fluid regenerate? At a Glance. The vitreous humor cannot regenerate; therefore, the cavity must be filled with a substitute material during and after vitrectomy.

Similarly, it is asked, can posterior vitreous detachment be cured?

Treatment and prognosis Most patients no longer notice flashes after 3 months and floaters tend to improve. No specific treatment is needed for PVD. That said, complications of PVD are rare but can be serious and require urgent treatment, such as laser for a retinal tear or surgery for a retinal detachment.

Can posterior vitreous detachment be caused by trauma?

Blunt trauma to the eye or eye surgery may cause a PVD as well. Patients usually notice a PVD as a sudden onset of new floaters. Additionally, flashes of light indicating pulling upon the retina can be noted. Sometimes, a PVD can result in a retinal tear, which in turn could cause a retinal detachment.

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