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How long does ID God take to come?

Our ids typically takes 2 weeks to ship to you ONCE THEY ARE DONE normal shipping the tracking is very slow and does not update. IF you want faster shipping that takes only 3-7 days to get to you from the TIME the ids are done then please purchase our exclusive priority service!

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Considering this, how long does it take IDGod to receive payment?

Delivery takes 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the production process. Sometimes we will be able to deliver the order within 10 days. This may even depend on payment methods, as cryptocurrencies come much faster than other methods.

Also, how much is ID God express shipping? Another delivery option allows obtaining the package with a new fake document much faster, this option is called express shipping. This way comes also confidentially, but more quickly (1-2 days). If you select this delivery option, you will have to pay a small fee ($19.99).

how do I pay for God ID?

How to pay All payment options

  1. Step 1) Use the Western Union locator.
  2. Step 2) Submit an order with us, because at the end of the order, you will receive the person whom you're suppose to pay.
  3. Step 3) Write down the person you're suppose to pay exactly as we say.
  4. Step 4) Save your receipt.

Where is ID God located?


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