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How long does furnace cement take to cure?

The container says to allow a minimum of 4 hours.
However, after 4 hours, I find that the cement is still soft.

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Also know, how long does it take for fire cement to dry?

As soon as possible, gently heat dry the repaired surfaces, gradually raising the heat to full operating temperature over 3-4 hours.

Additionally, what is furnace cement used for? Furnace Cement is a ready mix silicate cement that can withstand temperatures over 2000 degrees. Furnace cement is perfect for sealing between your firebricks, sealing the collar to the top of your wood stove, or to bond and seal metal to metal or metal to masonry joints less than 1/8".

In this regard, how do you heat treat furnace cement?

Dampen area lightly with water and apply cement. Immediately clean excess cement with warm water to prevent permanent etching. Air dry for at least one hour. Within 30 days, heat gradually to 500°F to cure.

Do all plus high temperature cement?

DO-ALL+PLUS A high temperature, non-asbestos, air-drying cement for setting and cementing furnaces, stoves, boilers and chimney collars. Use it for bedding and cementing firebrick and specially shaped combustion chambers. Use it for topping the backfill of oil burner chambers.

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