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How long does Briwax last?

Q: How long will the shine last? A: Under normal conditions the shine will last for six to twelve months. It will lose its shine more swiftly in high wear areas or areas subjected to moisture. Q: The Briwax has gone streaky after buffing.

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Consequently, how long does Briwax take to cure?

30 minutes

Also Know, how do you remove Briwax? Briwax can be removed using mineral spirits (paint thinner). Just take a cloth, we prefer white so that you can see the wax, and dampen it with mineral spirits. Wipe the area where you wish to remove the wax and the petroleum distillate in the paint thinner will dissolve the wax and your cloth will remove it.

Then, how long do you let Briwax dry before buffing?

Applying Briwax or Briwax Original using 0000 Steel Wool (Distinctive Doors Note: a lint free cloth is fine too). Use a small amount of wax, working along the grain until you have covered the entire surface. Allow to dry for 2-3 minutes, then buff to desired gloss with a soft cloth.

What color Briwax should I use?

Briwax works wonderfully on new wood. Please note though: the finer the sandpaper used, the less color you will achieve when using Briwax. Wood should be sanded with no finer than 150 grit sandpaper. If you are looking to make new wood look old I would recommend using Tudor Brown or Dark Brown Briwax.

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