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How long does bonding plaster take to go off?

Bonding about 2-3 hours, but some do leave it to following day before skimming depends on size of area. The 3-4 days is a guide, the colour of the plaster will tell you when it's dry enough to paint. Need to leave decent time between paint coats, for each to throughly dry before applying the next one.

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Similarly one may ask, does bonding plaster go off?

It wont fall off the wall if you can manage to get it on there before it goes off but once it's gone, it can set virtually as your mixing it or even worse, just as you've laid it on.

Likewise, how long should PVA dry before plastering? Not a plastering expert but I think the routine is to apply 1 coat of PVA and allow to dry fully i.e. 24 hrs., and then apply second coat of PVA maybe 1 hour or so prior to application of plaster. The second coat should be tacky rather than dry.

Herein, how long does Thistle bonding take to dry?

24 hours

Can you use bonding on plasterboard?

To put it into context - standard plasterboard is the same - this will also not withstand continued dampness but is fine on a bathroom ceiling. One coat of bonding coat over your existing plasterboards (sealed with PVA if in doubt) can then be ruled flat with a straight edge.

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