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How long does a staghorn sumac live?

50 to 100 years

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Similarly, it is asked, how big does a staghorn sumac get?

Anacardiaceae Family: Staghorn sumac is a U.S. native, deciduous, large shrub to small tree that can attain a height of 30-35 feet. It has alternate, compound leaves, 16 to 24 inches long. The leaflets are narrowed or rounded at the base and sharply pointed at the tip with finely serrated edges.

Furthermore, how do sumac trees reproduce? Staghorn sumac self-propagates from root suckers. Start new plants by digging up emerging shoots from around the base of the plant in early spring, before their leaves appear. After their roots have developed sufficiently, typically in one or two years, move them to their permanent locations.

Likewise, people ask, how do you control staghorn sumac?

Staghorn sumac needs a sunny site and well-drained soil that is not high in fertility or organic matter. Overly rich soil causes soft, succulent growth, encourages suckering and results in poor fall color. Weekly mowing safely controls sumac that makes its way into the lawn.

Is there a difference between sumac and poison sumac?

Not Poisonous But poison sumac (Toxicodendron vernix) is also a small tree with leaves like regular sumac. Difference is, poison sumac has clusters of grayish white berries that hang down, and the plants grow exclusively in low, wet, or flooded areas such as swamps and peat bogs.

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