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How long does a Snapchat data request take?

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In this regard, how long does it take to get Snapchat data request?

Whenever you use Search, we store your searchterms, your approximate location (usually between 200 and 390square meters), and the current time (within an hour). After7 days, we store a rougher estimate of your location(usually between 3,200 and 6,240 square meters) for 23days.

Beside above, how long does Snapchat last? 30 days

Correspondingly, can Snapchats ever be recovered?

Snapchats Are Saved to Your Phone According to Snapchat, all photos sent throughthe app are deleted from the recipient and sender's phones afterthey're opened.

Can police access Snapchat messages?

The Electronic Communications Privacy Act requiresSnapChat disclose certain information to police inresponse to legal processes. In certain circumstances, SnapChatcan retrieve the content of sent SnapChats, according tothe policy. Once all recipients have viewed it, each Snap isdeleted from servers.

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