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How long does a climbing rope last?

Since the polyamide (Nylon) fibers that ropes are made from break down slowly over time, most brands recommend rope retirement after 10 years even if the rope has never been used. And not one manufacturer that suggests their ropes should last more than 10 years of use.

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Similarly, you may ask, what is the lifespan of a climbing rope?

Fortunately, unused ropes have an average life expectancy of up to ten years, so long as they are not exposed to external damage. This means that your four-year-old, still-in-the-bag rope is likely just as ready to climb as you are.

do climbing ropes ever break? Most ropes break after somewhere between six and fifteen falls. You can climb for a lifetime without ever subjecting a rope to a fall this severe. But if even a few of those falls came close to creating the impact of a standard UIAA test, then many conservative climbers would say it's time to retire the rope.

Also know, how often should climbing ropes be replaced?

When to Retire a Climbing Rope

  1. After a fall with extreme loads or other damage: immediately.
  2. Frequent use (weekly): 1 year or sooner.
  3. Regular use (few times per month): 1–3 years.
  4. Occasional use (once per month): 4–5 years.
  5. Rare use (1–2 times per year): 7 years.
  6. Never used: 10 years.

How many falls can you take on a climbing rope?

minimum of 5

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