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How long do you have to press assault charges in Iowa?

If no other law applies, Iowa law considers an assault to be a simple misdemeanor, punishable by up to 30 days in jail and a fine of $65 to $625. (Iowa Code Ann. § § 708.2, 708.2C, 708.3A, 903.1.)

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In this regard, how long can you wait to file assault charges?

If you were assaulted and you did not report it. You can report it at anytime however as time passes the prosecutor will be less likely to file charges. If you already reported the assault to the police the prosecutor basically has one year to file charges.

Likewise, what is the statute of limitations in Iowa? In Iowa, the general statute of limitations for felonies and “aggravated or serious” misdemeanors is three years. Simple misdemeanors have a generic limitations period of one year. See below for statutes of limitations for some specific offenses.

Hereof, can you press charges after 24 hours?

Yes. You can wait as long as you like to “press charges”. Though the only one who can press charges is the police (or DA, depending on your definitions and location).

How long do you have to press charges for breaking and entering?

In such cases, the charge of breaking and entering will generally be absorbed into the charge of burglary. This would result in a felony charge. Misdemeanor charges result in jail sentences of less than one year; felony charges usually involve jail sentences greater than one year, among other punishments.

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