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How long do you have to leave lining paper before wallpapering?

Let the lining paper dry out for approximately 24 hours and then you can start to hang your wallpaper.

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Also to know is, should you leave a gap when hanging lining paper?

Hi, do not leave a gap between the lining paper or it will just give you more work to do and it will never look right. Just follow the instructions and soak for the time it says and you should be fine.

Beside above, how do you cover wallpaper seams? Covering Seams If you are going for a smooth wall look, you'll need to "float" the wallpaper seams. This means applying drywall joint compound over every seam and sanding it smooth. Apply at least two coats of joint compound, allowing it to dry for four to eight hours in between coats.

Also asked, when should you use lining paper?

One of the most common reasons lining paper is used is to smooth out the base and help you achieve that even finish. If you have any cracks in the wall, you can use lining paper to disguise any imperfections and the end results will be beautiful.

Can lining paper be hung vertically?

Vertically – best if you are putting lining paper on to paint it as it is easier smoothing lining paper down the wall. Marking a straight horizontal line on the wall, so you can hang the lining paper straight, overlapping and trimming off any excess.

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