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How long do turkeys take to grow?

The usual lifespan for a turkey is 10 years, and pure breed turkeys take approximately 4-5 months to grow to full size. The hen turkeys take 16 weeks to mature completely, and average 3.6 kg (8 lb) to 7.2 kg (16 lbs) in weight.

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Simply so, are turkeys easy to raise?

Getting Started Raising Turkeys The easiest and least expensive way to get started with turkeys is to buy day-old turkeys in the spring. (Baby turkeys are called poults.) Before your birds arrive, you will want to set up a brooder area. You will also need one feeder and waterer for every 25 birds.

Similarly, how much feed does it take to raise a turkey? For an average tom, you will feed him approximately 100 pounds of feed, and for a hen, 60 pounds. Adult turkeys will eat as much as fifty percent of their intake from pasture or range grass. Range grass is grass that is four to six inches long. Turkeys like to eat the growing tips of the grass.

Then, how long does it take to raise a turkey for Thanksgiving?

Timing your chicks to be ready for thanksgiving or Xmas is importaint. Heritage breeds will take six months or likley more to reach a decent size. Broad breasted turkeys take half the time, 12-14 weeks can produce a dressed out turkey over 20lb.

How do you raise turkeys for meat?

Raising Turkeys for Meat

  1. Raising turkeys requires a few special measures, but can produce a great return on your investment.
  2. A turkey pan should be protected by a wire guard.
  3. Ty Long feeding his turkeys.
  4. Twelve or 13 turkeys should have a cage at least 10 feet by 12 feet with 12 feet of feed hoppers running along the outside.

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