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How long do pressure reducing valves last?

A valve used for clean service, such as steam, can last a long time — easily 20 years if it isn't operated too close to the set point and gets the right preventative maintenance program.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, how often should pressure relief valves be replaced?

If no date is specified, a pressure relief valve shall be replaced no later than five years following the date of its manufacture.” In industrial refrigeration, the current recommendation is to replace the relief valve on a five-year cycle.

Subsequently, question is, what causes a pressure reducing valve to fail? 2 Answers. The most likely cause is that dirt or debris from the water line repair have gotten jammed in the PRV so that it cannot close. You can remove it and see if there's anything visible that can be cleaned, but at that point, you may as well replace it with a new one that you'll know is good.

how do I know if my pressure reducing valve is bad?

Here are five symptoms that could indicate that your pressure reducing valve is going bad.

  1. Diminishing water pressure.
  2. No water pressure.
  3. Hammering or vibrating noises in your walls.
  4. A leak in your flower bed or landscaping close to the house could be a leaking PRV.
  5. High water pressure.

Do water pressure regulators wear out?

Pressure regulators are designed to withstand the ever-changing pressure in your water supply, and instead, only allow the water into your home at a consistent pressure level that you (or your plumber) sets it to. Pressure regulators can last a while, but after several years they can wear out and do eventually fail.

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