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How long do pandanus palms take to grow?

12 months

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People also ask, how fast do pandanus palms grow?

Habitat Usually elevations of sea level to 20 m (66 ft), but can grow at elevations of 600 m (1970 ft) or higher. Vegetation Associated with species of coastal forests. Soils Adapted to a very wide range of light to heavy soil types. Growth rate Stem growth is slow to moderate, 2–80 cm [0.8–31 in] per year.

Also, how do you care for pandanus? Care for Pandanus Veitchii

  1. Water variegated screw pine regularly during the warm summer months, providing enough moisture to keep the soil consistently moist but not soggy.
  2. Water at the base of the plant, using a garden hose, soaker hose or drip irrigation system.

Likewise, how tall do pandanus grow?

14 meters

Can pandan leaves grow in water?

Yes. It grows well in pong water. It roots will spread.

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