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How long do fennel seeds take to germinate?

Cover the seeds with 1/8-1/2” of soil. They will take about 7-10 days to emerge. To improve germination, try soaking and pre-sprouting the seed for several days. Bulb fennel can be sown outdoors as early as 2-5 weeks before the average last frost date in spring, but when the danger of hard frost (28°F) is over.

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Herein, how do you germinate fennel seeds?

Seed can be sown as soon as the soil warms in the spring. Soaking your seeds for a day or two before sowing will ensure better germination. Keep the area moist until the seeds sprout and thin the fennel plants to 12 to 18 inches apart when they are 4 to 6 inches tall.

One may also ask, how do you plant fennel bulbs? Fennel are grown from seed. Directly sow Fennel seeds into your garden as early in the season as the ground can be worked. Sow seeds early in the season and cover with 1/4" of soil. Space seedlings or thin plants to 10-12" apart, in rows 18-24 inches apart.

Accordingly, is fennel easy to grow?

Fennel is both a vegetable and an herb, depending on which variety you grow. Growing crunchy bulb fennel (also called finocchio) is easy in spring and fall, or you can keep a feathery mound of perennial fennel as a steady source of fennel fronds.

How deep do you plant fennel?

The seeds should be planted directly into the garden, around the time of the last spring frost.

  1. Plant the fennel seeds in fertile, well drained soil.
  2. Plant the seeds approximately ten inches apart and cover them with a light layer of soil, about 18 inch (0.3 cm) deep.

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