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How long can a landlord hold a rent check in Oregon?

A landlord can hold a rent check up to six months and still cash it. After that, it's a stale check and up to individual bank policy.

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Considering this, why would a landlord hold a rent check?

If you aren't the legal tenant, the landlord may be holding the checks because he doesn't want you in the apartment or wants a new lease with higher rent. If he cashes your rent checks, he may be leaving himself open to a claim that he has authorized your tenancy. But future checks can be sent via certified mail.

Similarly, can you withhold rent in Oregon? Tenant Rights to Withhold Rent in Oregon (Or. Tenants also may withhold rent for some minor defects that can be reasonably repaired for not more than $300—but must follow the statute's rules regarding notice (Or. Rev. Stat.

Keeping this in view, how long does a landlord have to keep abandoned property in Oregon?

30 days

How long can someone hold a check?

In fact, under the Uniform Commercial Code, banks in the United States are not legally obligated to pay checks older than six months (link). Of course, this leaves some wiggle room. Your bank may not be required to honor an old check, but they might choose to do so.

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