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How long can a baby use Babocush?

6 months

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Also, is the Babocush safe?

The Babocush was put in front of respiratory experts in the Royal Victoria Hospital to address suffocation concerns. The reports were 100% positive. Experts agreed the Babocush was perfectly safe for a baby to rest in. While on the cushion, your baby's head is in a safe position keeping airways open.

Likewise, how do you use Babocush?

  1. The vibrator should be tucked into the pouch in the mattress.
  2. Unfasten all harness straps and lay them out flat.
  3. The baby should be placed tummy down with their face to one side (You may place a muslin cloth below your baby's face to avoid soiling the Babocush).

Likewise, what does the Babocush fit on?

The babocush fits almost all baby rockers, bouncers and chairs or can be used on its own without any of these.

Can babies sleep overnight in a Moses basket?

Actually, the same rules apply during the daytime as they do at night. Ideally, for the first six months, your baby will sleep in their Moses basket or cot in the same room as you even for their daytime naps . If your baby is very young, don't let them sleep in their car seat for more than 90 minutes .

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