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How long after plaster can you fill a pool?

Once the pool is filled, the pool can be used. The plaster cures under water a minimum of 7-10 days and at least 30 days before the pool can be drained. With a fresh plastered pool, initial care is very important. The pool should be brushed 2 times a day for 10 days.

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Hereof, how soon do you fill a pool after plaster?

Between 48 to 72 hours after the plaster company completes the plaster process and your pool is filled with water, our Start-Up Technician should arrive to get your pool equipment running and will deliver the remaining pool equipment items at that time. You do not need to be present on the initial visit.

Also, does new pool plaster absorb water? Plaster doesn't absorb enough water for you to be able to notice the effect. You might want to do a bucket test to verify that there really is a leak. Put a bucket filled with water to the same level as the pool on a step and see if the water level in the pool goes down more quickly than the level in the bucket.

Correspondingly, how do you start a pool after plastering?

Bicarbonate Start-up It is especially useful with dark plaster. The Bicarb start-up raises the alkalinity level as the pool fills with water. Maintain TA between 150-300 ppm and pH below 8.2 for first month. After three weeks, lower TA slowly to desired level by adding acid in small amounts.

Is it safe to swim in a newly plastered pool?

Do not swim in the pool until after the start-up procedure has been completed. Do not use any automatic pool cleaners for a minimum of three weeks after plastering.

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