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How is the cherry orchard a tragedy?

A Tragic Comedy. Through the first read, one may consider The Cherry Orchard to be a tragedy, but when the characters and their values are thoroughly considered it seems to be more of a comedy. Chekhov lays down his ideals using Trofimov, but puts them into action using Lopahin.

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Correspondingly, is the play Cherry Orchard a tragedy or comedy?

The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov has generated much discussion especially with regards to its genre. The author considered the play a comedy while the famous director, Stanislavski considered the plot a tragedy, both with compelling reasons to support their arguments.

Beside above, what happens at the end of The Cherry Orchard? The Cherry Orchard ends with the 87-year-old servant Fiers shuffling out to find that the family has departed without him. In leaving the orchard, the family finally cuts ties with the past. It will disappear from their memories, just as they've forgotten Fiers in their preparations to leave.

Correspondingly, what is the genre of The Cherry Orchard?


What does the cherry orchard symbolize?

The orchard is very beautiful because each tree represents the soul of a serf. Cherry orchard is a symbol of something that belongs to the past. It means it is the symbol of mobility, feudal society, aesthetic sensibility, sublime beauty, but is tragically ends with the change in the society.

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