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How is Mr Birling described?

Mr Birling is described as being a "heavy looking, rather portentous man", which immediately indicates to the audience that he has significant wealth. Birling is one of the most stubborn characters in the play, and refuses to back down to the Inspector when it is suggested that he is to blame for Eva's death.

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Beside this, how is Mr Birling presented as a self Centred man?

Priestly presents Arthur Birling as a self-obsessed, work-oriented “hard-headed businessman” in Act1. for $13,9/Page. The stage directions describe him as a “heavy-looking, rather portentous man” giving an impression that he looks rather threatening. He is very traditional and speaks formally, even around his family.

Subsequently, question is, what does Arthur Birling represent? Mr Birling is a capitalist who values business and profit above all else. He makes his views clear in the early speeches in Act 1, and these do not change. Priestley uses Mr Birling as a symbol to represent the selfishness and arrogance of capitalists in Edwardian society.

Additionally, how is Mr Birling introduced?

Overall, the character of Mr birling is presented by Priestly in act 1 as a very pompous man who is obsessed with social status, optimistic and proud of his achievements. His character is full of negativity and is a quite a contrast to others such as Sheila, Eric and Inspector Goole. read more.

What is Mr Birling's factory called?

Mr Birling, the father of Sheila and Eric, is a wealthy businessman who owns a factory in Brumley. He has been the city's lord mayor and is a magistrate.

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