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How is Eurylochus related to Odysseus?

Eurylochus was a character in the Odyssey. He was somewhat of a deputy captain or second-in-command among Odysseus' crew. He tries to stir unrest among the crew against Odysseus a number of times — it's because of him that they stop at the island of the sun god (12.279), and then kill Hyperion's sacred cattle (339).

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Correspondingly, how is Eurylochus a foil to Odysseus?

Eurylochus serves as a foil for Odysseus' character because he is a coward whereas Odysseus is brave. This is bests seen when he lands in Circe's island. When he suspects that there is danger, he stays behind and lets the others explore the island where the meet Circe who turns them into pigs.

One may also ask, in what way does Eurylochus contrast with Odysseus? Eurylochus is a minor character whos main function is to serve as a foil character to Odysseus. Where Eurylochus' cowardice contrasts it to Odysseus' manly courage. When Eurylochus leads half the men to investigate the palace, he stays outside because he suspects a trap. He sends his men in without him.

Similarly, you may ask, what kind of character is Eurylochus?

He is portrayed as an unpleasant cowardly individual who undermines Odysseus and stirs up trouble. When the ship stopped on Aeaea, home of Circe the sorcress, Eurylochus and Odysseus draw lots to lead a group of twenty two men to explore the island. Eurylochus is chosen.

What does Eurylochus symbolize?

The answer is that Eurylochus was attempting to convince the rest of Odysseus' men to slaughter and eat the sacred cattle of Helios, the sun-god. Eurylochus—Odysseus' second-in-command—mutinies and attempts to convince the men to eat the cattle, even though they know that it might lead to their deaths.

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