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How is dynamic compliance calculated?

The dynamic compliance, an empirically determined measurement, is defined as the tidal volume divided by the peak inspiratory pressure change. Peak airway pressure is primarily a function of airway resistance and flow (rapidity of delivering a tidal volume).

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Moreover, how do you calculate static and dynamic compliance?

Dynamic compliance is the volume change divided by the peak inspiratory transthoracic pressure. Static compliance is the volume change divided by the plateau inspiratory pressure. With the initiation of an inspiratory breath the transthoracic pressure gradient increases to a peak value.

Also, what is a normal dynamic compliance? normal dynamic compliance during mechanical ventilation – 50-100mL/cmH2O. when paralysed and mechanically ventilated, peak airway pressure = the force required to overcome resistive and elastic recoil of the lung and chest wall.

Also know, what is dynamic compliance?

In clinical practice it is separated into two different measurements, static compliance and dynamic compliance. Static lung compliance is the change in volume for any given applied pressure. Dynamic lung compliance is the compliance of the lung at any given time during actual movement of air.

What is normal dynamic lung compliance?

Normally the total compliance of both lungs in an adult is about 200 ml/ cm H2O. Physicians rely on this concept to understand some pulmonary pathologies and help guide therapy and adjust ventilator pressure and volume settings.

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