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How is clock size measured?

Grab a tape measure or ruler, and measure from the outside diameter of the time ring on your clock dial (also called a clock face) as shown below. If there is no time ring, measure from the outside edge of the numerals or markers. Take the outside diameter measurement and divide it by two.

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Likewise, what are the dimensions of a clock?

The size of your clock should be determined by the torque of your gearbox and hand size it can turn. The average hand size gives you a clock face of about 6 to 18 inches, and the high torque hands will allow for a clock face of about 24 to 36 inches. Next make the "12," "3," "6," and "9" positions.

Similarly, how do you measure a cuckoo clock hand? Measure Your Clock The very first step in determining clock hand size is to measure the diameter of your clock face, also known as a clock dial. Use a ruler to measure the outside diameter of the time ring. If there is no time ring, measure the outside edge of the numbers or markers.

Also, what is Dial thickness on a clock?

Clock dial thickness Q80 movements have a threaded bushing on the front that goes through the clock face, and allows a nut and washer to secure the movement in place. If your dial is between 1/8" and ¼" thick, select 5/16" in the list. If about ½" thick, select ½", and so forth.

What is a clock insert?

Clock inserts are the same as a clock fitup. Clock inserts are clocks that are a whole unit in one! You get the clock motor, dial, hands, bezel and lens that is put together in one unit that you can easily fit into a clock by drilling a hole and sliding it in.

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