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How is benzoic acid prepared from ethyl benzoate?

A mixture of ethyl benzoate (2 ml) and sodium hydroxide solution (15 ml, 10%) is refluxed in a round bottomed flask fitted with a water condenser on a water bath (temp. 90-100 oC) for about 30 minutes till the ester layer disappears. The separated benzoic acid precipitate is filtered and recrystallised from hot water.

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Moreover, how is benzoic acid converted to ethyl benzoate?

Q. Benzoic acid may be converted into ethyl benzoate by reaction with

  1. sodium ethoxide. 18%
  2. ethyl chloride. 19%
  3. dry HCI, C2H5OH. 48%
  4. D. ethanol. 15%

Furthermore, what is the structure of ethyl benzoate? C9H10O2

Considering this, what other molecule Besides ethyl benzoate is formed in the reaction between benzoic acid and ethanol?

Ethyl benzoate is the ester formed by the condensation of benzoic acid and ethanol.

What is ethyl benzoate used for?

Ethyl benzoate is used as a perfume scent. It acts as a food flavoring agent. It is an active component of artificial fruit flavors. Further, it is used in cosmetics and personal care products as fragrance ingredients and preservatives.

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