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How is Animal Farm a satire?

Genre: Political satire

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In this way, how is Animal Farm a satire on the Russian Revolution?

Animal Farm is a satire about The Russian Revolution, particularly directed against Stalin's Russia. It symbolises a time of darkness in Russia. The characters represent political figures, for example, Old Major represents Lenin, Napoleon represents Joseph Stalin, Snowball is Leon Trotsky, and so on.

Additionally, how is Animal Farm a parody? A parody is a comic or exaggerated imitation of a person or an institution. A parody is meant to poke fun or to mock, usually not in a nice way. While Animal Farm as a whole is not a parody, Orwell parodies the historic figure Stalin through his depiction of Napoleon, the pig who represents Stalin in the story.

Also to know is, is Animal Farm a satire or allegory?

During World War II this novel was written By George and it was published in 1945 so animal farm is a modern fable and it is an allegorical and satirical novel of soviet totalitarianism. Orwell has presented major events during the Stalin era in the novel from Soviet Union.

In what ways does Orwell use the novel to satirize extreme political views?

A satire is a work which uses humour, irony or wit to highlight the vices, follies and pretensions of individuals, institutions, communities or ideas. Animal Farm satirises the breakdown of political ideology and the misuse of power, and does so in the ingenious form of a beast fable.

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