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How is a coconut seed adapted to water dispersal?

The coconut seed is especially well adapted to increasing its range by the method of ocean dispersal. The seed floats when its outer layers dry out. The buoyant coconuts drift on ocean currents and end up on tropical beaches where they germinate and take root.

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Considering this, what adaptations do seeds have for dispersal?

They can drift for hundreds of miles before washing up onto land. Coconuts (which are single-seeded fruits) are also adapted for water dispersal. Like sea beans, they have a thick shell to prevent the salt-water from damaging the seed, and the buoyant hull keeps the nut floating.

Similarly, can coconut float on water? Salt water is denser (more buoyant) than fresh water, so the coconut will float higher in the water.

Secondly, how is coconut fruit dispersed naturally?

Seeds dispersed by water are contained in light and buoyant fruit, giving them the ability to float. Coconuts are well known for their ability to float on water to reach land where they can germinate. Similarly, willow and silver birches produce lightweight fruit that can float on water.

What plants spread their seeds by water?

The water lily is an example of such a plant. Water lilies' flowers make a fruit that floats in the water for a while and then drops down to the bottom to take root on the floor of the pond. The seeds of palm trees can also be dispersed by water.

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