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How hot should Spa water be?

104 degrees F.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, what temperature should a hot tub be set at?

Here's how to find the ideal hot tub water temperature, as well as some background on hydrotherapy, or the use of heated water for health benefits. The majority of hot tub users prefer a water temperature in the range of 100°F-102°F. 104°F is the standard maximum temperature, which some users also prefer.

Also Know, what is a good temperature for a spa pool? 36-37 degrees Celsius

is 40 degrees hot enough for a hot tub?

Most hot tubs come with a factory setting of 38 degrees C. The maximum safe temperature for a hot tub is 40 degrees C and most people enjoy the water between 36 and 39 degrees C.

Who should not use a hot tub?

This is a valid concern: The American Pregnancy Association does not recommend hot tub use for pregnant women, as raising the body temperature to above 101 degrees during the first trimester can result in an increased risk of birth defects. Pregnant women should always consult with their doctor before using a hot tub.

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