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How high should stable doors be?

Our stable doors come in standard dimensions: Height – 6′ 10” (2085mm) Width – 4′ (1200mm) Thickness – 2” (50mm)

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Thereof, what size should a stable door be?

The complete door should have a height of 1.5 times the height of the horse to its withers, on average 2500mm.

how big should a stable be for a 16hh horse? If your horse is out most of the day and is a typical 16hh TB with a light build, he should be ok in a 3m x 3m stable with good ventilation and lots to see, however a 3.5m x 3.5m stable will probably be more to his liking. If he can comfortably lie down and get up that will be ok.

Also question is, what height should a stable be?

The recommendation is that the stable height should be between 9 feet and 11 feet with a minimum roof clearance of 3 feet.

What do you need in a horse stable?

To make sure your horse's stable is always properly kitted out, you'll need the following things:

  • Water buckets for your horse to drink from.
  • Feed buckets.
  • Hay nets.
  • Rubber mats for your stable floor (which are optional, but save time and mean you use less shavings or straw)
  • Manure fork for mucking and skipping out.

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