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How high should radiators be off the floor?

Typically, standard radiators are mounted so that the bottom of the radiator is 150mm from the floor. The governing factor from an aesthetic point is the height of the skirting boards that will be present.

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Also to know is, how high should a towel radiator be from the floor?

The bottom of the towel warmer should be located 36-inches from the floor to prevent leg and foot burns.

Similarly, where should you place radiators in a room? The traditional place to position your radiator is the coldest part of the room. Whether that's beneath your window or against the wall. This is due to conduction, with incoming cold air causing more effective heat conduction and pushing the hot air from your radiator into the middle of the room.

Likewise, people ask, why are radiators placed near the floor?

When cold air enters the room, it falls to the floor and moves across the room, which is felt as a draught. A radiator placed under a window counteracts this effect and warms up the cooler air, so preventing the draught progressing into the room.

How far from the wall should a radiator be?

The distance from the wall to the radiator should be from 2 to 5 cm. In some cases, the wall surface must be coated with special heat-reflecting material before installing the radiator.

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