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How high should a floating TV unit be?

Choose a Comfortable Viewing Height
The recommended TV height is about 42 inches, but the best position depends on the height of your sofa or chairs. For a customized setup, measure your eye level when seated, making sure the central region of the TV isn't far above your sight line.

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Similarly, you may ask, how high should a floating TV stand be?

Because there are always general rules, there is a typical height for wall mounted TV's. Usually, people hang their floating TV stand approximately 36” to 42” above the floor. This allows room for floating TV shelves, as well as a safe distance from the floor to avoid accidentally hitting it.

Secondly, how high should a 75 TV be mounted? If you mount a 75" TV with the middle of the screen at 42", then the bottom of the screen is going to sit about 2 feet from the floor.

Regarding this, how high should a 85 inch TV be mounted?

As a rule of thumb , a 42 in television should be mounted about 55 inches from the floor to the TV center, a 55 in TV should be 60 inches, a 65 in should be 65 in and a 70 in television should be mounted about 67 in from the floor to the center of the screen.

Can I put a 65 inch TV on a 60 inch stand?

Under 32 inch sets - 28 inches in width for stand. 60-64 inch - 54-57 inches. 65-69 inch - 58-62 inches. 70 inches or more - Over 63 inches.

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