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How high should a curtain pole be?

about 15cm

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Also question is, how far should Curtain Pole extend beyond window?

When installing curtain rods, hang the rod so that it extends at least 3 or 4 inches beyond the window on each side, which allows your curtains to overlap both the window and the wall to prevent light from leaking in around the window's edges.

Similarly, do you need a drill to put up a curtain pole? To fit your pole or track you will need to drill into a wall, so it's best to check before you start that there are no pipes or cables nearby. If you're not sure where the pipes or cables lie, use a cable detector to check the area first.

Similarly, it is asked, how much should a curtain pole overhang?

If you have not yet measured for curtains For a typical window without architraves, we recommend poles/tracks overhang the width of the window by not less than 15cm (6") each side(excluding finials). Mark the pole/track and check your measurements again. Then cut the pole to your required width (excluding finials).

Should curtains touch the floor?

The fabric should just touch the floor or hover half an inch above. This is also a great approach for café curtains (short panels that cover only the lower portion of a window and hit the sill), which work well in spots like the kitchen and bathroom, where long drapes aren't practical.

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