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How hard is Tasmanian oak?

Easy to work but not known for its durability, Tasmanian oak timbers are on average low on the Janka hardness scale at just 5.5 and relatively light with densities ranging from 650 to 1050 kg/m³ on average, but this will, of course, vary greatly depending on the ratio of the three different types of wood used to create

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Correspondingly, is Tasmanian oak a hardwood or softwood?

Tasmanian oak is a premium Australian hardwood timber encompassing three species that grow in the mountainous areas of Tasmania. It is a versatile timber perfect for both construction and interior applications, including flooring, panelling, architraves and skirting boards.

Beside above, is Tasmanian oak stronger than pine? yes. Tas Oak (which is also a pine) is the next best thing to genuine Coach Wood, for structural strength with relatively low weight, in situations of changing stress. However, unlike pine, you can't usually buy it rated, except as furniture grade.

Also, is Tasmanian oak durable?

Tasmanian Oak is a strong and stable timber, and easy to work. It is well known for its staining qualities which means you can easily match it with others timbers, finishes and furnishings. It planes, sands, finishes and glues well.

Is Tasmanian oak suitable for outdoor use?

Tasmanian Oak is not generally suitable for external use, but if it is only occasional, and is well maintained with an external grade varnish, it will survive well. It will certainly be more robust than pine.

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