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How hard can I prune Photinia?

Each year, cut out one-half to one-third of the stems to about 6 inches above the ground. Begin with the oldest and largest stems and then cut the week and misshapen ones. After three or four years, the shrub will be completely rejuvenated.

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Thereof, how hard can you cut back Red Robin?

Really Severe Pruning: A Photinia Red Robin that's got out of control or simply too large can be cut right back to 60cm above the ground with no ill effect. The best time for this kind of tough love is May – it will be growing vigorously and have plenty of time to recover and re-establish before winter sets in.

Additionally, can Pieris be hard pruned? Hard Pruning and Remedial Pruning of Pieris. If the shrub has outgrown its position, Pieris can be cut back to shape, or even hard pruned to rejuvenate the whole shrub. This is best carried out in early to late spring, but I have been successful to regenerate Pieris by cutting back hard in late winter.

Moreover, how do you prune overgrown photinia?

Prune off any dead or damaged stems on evergreen photinia. Use long-handled loppers to thin badly-placed branches and remove crowded shoots, opening the bush to better air circulation. Prune in late winter or early spring, as trimming at this time avoids winter damage to new growth.

When should you prune red tip photinia?

Cultural Control:

  1. Prune red tips in the winter when they are dormant.
  2. Rake up and discard fallen leaves, and remove infected plant material.
  3. Provide excellent air circulation.
  4. Avoid wetting the leaves when watering.
  5. Avoid summer fertilization that will promote new growth late in the season.

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