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How fast does a hydrangea tree grow?

Hydrangeas are classified as rapid growers, or 25 or more inches per year until the plant reaches maturity. A "tree" format plant will become at least 3 inches wide at a point 4 1/4 feet high and grow at least 13 feet high.

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Similarly, you may ask, how fast does a hydrangea grow?

Reaching up to 15 feet in height, the hydrangea grows quickly and often fills in a space in just one summer.

Secondly, how big does a hydrangea tree get? Here is how you can grow a hydrangea tree. Hydrangea paniculata, also known as Grandiflora, produces white conical flowers instead of big spherical blossoms. With some pruning and proper care, it can grow up to 25 feet tall!

Hereof, are hydrangea trees easy to grow?

Of all the small, flowering trees, hydrangea trees are the most dramatic when in full bloom. In addition, they are easy to grow in almost all parts of the U.S. (except frost free areas), and they will bloom dependably year after year. The only type hydrangea that can be made into a tree is Hydrangea paniculata.

How do you make my hydrangeas grow faster?

How to Get More Smooth Hydrangea Flowers:

  1. Plant smooth hydrangeas in full sun if the soil stays moist.
  2. Water them during times of drought, especially during the heat of summer.
  3. Amend the soil with organic matter (such as compost).
  4. Prune stems back in early spring, just before new growth emerges.

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