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How fast does a Fat Albert spruce grow?

Common Name: Colorado spruce

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Also to know is, how big does a Fat Albert Spruce get?

Fat Albert Spruce Facts When fully grown, a Fat Albert will grow to be around 15 feet tall and spread 10 feet.

how fast does a Hoopsi blue spruce grow? More Views

Description This is a dense, pyramidal form of Colorado Spruce with stiff horizontal branches and intense silver-blue needles. New growth is exceptionally blue. Hardy to -40°F Maximum Elevation: 9,000 ft.
Growth Rate Slow
Mature Height 30-40 ft.
Mature Width 10-20 ft.
Name Hoopsi Blue Colorado Spruce

Also question is, how quickly do spruce trees grow?

The Norway Spruce can grow 2-3+ feet per year their first 25 years under good conditions, in heavy or poor soils they may average 1 foot per year. Soil, moisture, and adequate sunshine is everything to a plant and its growth rate.

What is a Fat Albert blue spruce?

Dwarf blue spruce 'Fat Albert' * What it is: A needled evergreen that's a down-sized, slow-growing version of the popular Colorado blue spruce tree. It has the same pyramidal form and stiff, powdery-blue needles as the “regular” blue spruce, but it grows to only a third of the size.

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