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How far should gutter downspout extend from house?

On sloped, clay-rich soil, downspouts should extend at least three feet from the foundation. On flat land, the Association recommends 10 feet unless the soil is very sandy, in which case the extender may need to be much longer.

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Also, how far should your downspouts be extended from house?

A good rule of thumb: One downspout should not drain more than 35 feet of gutter. The gutters must be clean to prevent clogging. The downspouts need to be extended away from the home a minimum of four feet, with six feet being preferred.

Beside above, how do you extend downspouts above ground? Dig a trench about 6 inches wider than the drain pipe you plan to bury and dig the hole deep enough so that the drainpipe sits 3 inches below grade. Weisman recommends extending the trench at least 8 feet from the downspout, if there's available space.

Also question is, does downspout need extension?

A properly working drainage system is essential to avoiding moisture and corrosion in your home, which is why you need downspouts and downspout extensions. Downspout extensions, on the other hand, help downspouts redirect or drain water to a specific place, preferably away from your home's foundation.

What is the best downspout extension?

Each of these six products deserves to be called the best roll out downspout extension.

  • Flex-Drain 85010 Downspout Extension.
  • Flex-Drain 85011 Downspout Extension, Green.
  • WholesalePlumbing Downspout Adapter Kit LOW PROFILE Extension.
  • InvisaFlow Amerimax Home Products 4400 Downspout.
  • Flex-Drain 81035 Extend-A-Spout V2, Black.

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