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How far is Hyperion from Saturn?

Traveling around Saturn in an eccentric (noncircular) orbit, Hyperion keeps an average distance of 932,637 miles (1,500,934 km) from the planet. Its close orbit with Saturn's largest moon, Titan, allows gravity to cause the two to speed up and slow down as the distance between them shifts.

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Also, does Hyperion have an atmosphere?

ˈp??ri?n/ hy-PEER-ee-?n; Greek: ?περίων), also known as Saturn VII (7), is a moon of Saturn discovered by William Cranch Bond, George Phillips Bond and William Lassell in 1848.

Hyperion (moon)

Rotation period ~13 d (chaotic)
Axial tilt variable
Albedo 0.3
Temperature 93 K (−180 C)

Secondly, how big is Hyperion moon? 135 km

Also, who discovered Saturn's moon Hyperion?

William Lassell William Cranch Bond George Phillips Bond

When was Hyperion moon discovered?


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