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How far is Dylan's Candy Bar From Times Square?

The distance between Times Square and Dylan's Candy Bar is 1 miles.

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Similarly, how far is Dylan's Candy Bar From Central Park?

1 miles

Furthermore, what can you get at Dylan's Candy Bar? From fuzzy candy-patterned bathrobes to sweet-covered cell phone cases to plush emoji pillows, Dylan's Candy Bar offers fun apparel for women and youth, tech accessories, pet dishes and cosmetics—rock candy lip gloss and candy-flavored lip balm to name a few—in addition to all the edible sweet treats.

Also to know, which is the biggest Dylan's Candy Bar?

Candylicious in Dubai at one point claimed to be the largest with 10,000 square feet, but Dylan's has 15,000 square feet. Minnesota's Largest Candy Store has the top results on Google for “World's Largest Candy Store.” Let the Guinness World Records moguls figure this one out; so far they haven't bothered.

How much is a party at Dylan's Candy Bar?

Dylan's Candy Bar president Tushar Adya told Moneyish that booking an entire floor for a party like Morgan did can cost up to $7,000. But even their more modest packages run between $500 and $1,000 - and they're booking 25 parties a week in New York, and another 20 to 25 in Chicago.

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