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How far apart are deck bearers?

Set up the bearer spacings at a minimum of 1800mm centres with stump holes no more than 1500mm apart. The outside run of stumps will need to align with the outside edge of the deck.

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In this manner, how do you work out deck spacing?

Example: If the deck is 3 metres wide and 5 metres long (including fascia board and decking board overhang) and the decking boards are 90mm wide and using a 4mm spacing between decking boards, your calculation would be: 3000/(90+4) = 3000/94 = 31.9149 which you would round up to 32.

do I need noggins in decking? The short pieces of wood that are joining the joists together are called noggins. If you are installing noggins (on a small basic deck you will not need them)then you do not need to put them all in a straight line you can offset them so that you can drill straight through the joists and into the ends of the noggins.

Then, what are bearers?

Bearers are the timber or steel that attaches directly to the stumps in the ground, that supports the deck of flooring structure. Joists are the timbers that then attach across the top of the bearers, after which the timber or particle board floor is then attached.

What is a deck bearer?

Bearers are the timbers that are attached to the stumps or posts that support the deck and Joists are the timbers that are attached across the bearers to which the decking boards are in turn attached.

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