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How does the timer work on fairy lights?

When you set the timer, it will work 6 hours than auto-shut off, if you close the lights or the battery died, the timer will also end. You can set the timer for, and press the mode button or the dim button to check if the lights controled by the remote.

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Similarly, you may ask, how do you use the timer on fairy lights?

Step # 1: Switch/Press to “Timer” Function. Step #2: If the TIMER setting of the battery box is 6 hours on/18 hours off, you can turn on the battery box at 6:00 p.m, the led fairy lights will work till 12:00 p.m, then turn off automatically.

Furthermore, how long is the timer on fairy lights? Each light looks like a glimmering water droplet clinging to a shiny silver wire. Perfect for wrapping around a vase, centerpiece, flower arrangement or place in any type of water feature for a stunning display. The lights have a convenient timer incorporated, 6 hours on 18 hours off.

In this way, how do I set the timer on my LED string lights?

There are two way to set timer on led string lights:

  1. Once you turn on the lights, the default timing mode is in 4H and "4H" LED light on. In a 24 hr time period, the lights are pre-programmed to go on for 4hrs, and off for 20 hrs.
  2. To switch timing period by pressing the "Timer" button. 6H: 6hrs on, 18hrs off.

How does the timer work on battery operated lights?

Answer: Battery Box has 3-MODE OPERATION: TIMER MODE - Press the Button Once to Activate Timer Function at the Time You Want Lights String to Come On Each Day. Your Lights String Will Glow for 6 Hours Then Turn Off Automatically For 18 Hours.

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