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How does the nitrogen cycle impact the environment?

Like the Earth's water, nitrogen compounds cycle through the air, aquatic systems, and soil. In doing so, we are altering the global nitrogen cycle, causing possible grave impacts on biodiversity, global warming, water quality, human health, and even the rate of population growth in developing nations.

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Keeping this in consideration, what is the human impact on the nitrogen cycle?

Many human activities have a significant impact on the nitrogen cycle. Burning fossil fuels, application of nitrogen-based fertilizers, and other activities can dramatically increase the amount of biologically available nitrogen in an ecosystem.

Also Know, how does fertilizer impact the nitrogen cycle? The nitrogen cycle is a natural process that adds nitrogen to the soil. However, the use of fertilizers has increased the amount of usable nitrogen in the soil. The extra nitrogen seems appealing from the agricultural viewpoint that more nutrients in the soil means higher yield crops.

In respect to this, why is the nitrogen cycle important?

The nitrogen cycle. Nitrogen is a crucially important component for all life. It is an important part of many cells and processes such as amino acids, proteins and even our DNA. It is also needed to make chlorophyll in plants, which is used in photosynthesis to make their food.

What are two factors that could disrupt the nitrogen cycle?

Inherent factors such as rainfall and temperature; and site conditions such as moisture, soil aeration (oxygen levels), and salt content (electrical conductivity/EC) affect rate of N mineralization from organic matter decomposition, nitrogen cycling, and nitrogen losses through leaching, runoff, or denitrification.

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