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How does the nervous system interact with the digestive system?

The digestive system stores and digests foods, transfers nutrients to the body, eliminates waste and absorbs water. The autonomic nervous system controls the tone of the digestive tract. The brain controls drinking and feeding behavior. The brain controls muscles for eating and elimination.

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Besides, how does the nervous system interact with the immune system?

Several mechanisms by which the nervous and immune systems might interact have now been recognized. The nervous system may affect immune function via direct innervation of immune organs and by secretion of hormones from the pituitary and other endocrine organs.

Subsequently, question is, which nervous system is activated with digestion? parasympathetic nervous system

Secondly, how does the skeletal system work with the digestive system?

Your heart does not beat unless your brain and nervous system tell it to do so. Your skeletal system relies on the nutrients it gains from your digestive system to build strong, healthy bones. Your cardiovascular system works to circulate your blood while your respiratory system introduces oxygen into your body.

What other body system works with the nervous system?

There are many hidden interactions going on within your body. Your endocrine system works closely with your brain and central nervous system to control the creation of specific hormones and enzymes. Your digestive and excretory systems work with the nervous system in both conscious and unconscious ways.

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