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How does the looking glass self affect self esteem?

The result is that individuals will change their behavior based on what they feel other people think about them, even if not necessarily true. In this way, social interaction acts as a "mirror" or a "looking-glass," since one's sense of self and self esteem is built off of others.

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Regarding this, why is the Looking Glass Self important?

The Looking-Glass Self. The looking-glass self describes the process wherein individuals base their sense of self on how they believe others view them. According to Self, Symbols, & Society, Cooley's theory is notable because it suggests that self-concept is built not in solitude, but rather within social settings.

Similarly, what does the looking glass self mean how do feelings about the self influence what we buy? The looking-glass self theory suggests that we give signals out like radar, when people relate to the signals we put out. These positive signals bounce back to us similar to radar. How do feelings about the self influence specific brands people buy? The brands we buy help us to identify with certain groups.

Also to know is, what is Cooley's theory of the looking glass self?

Looking-Glass self: The looking-glass self is a social psychological concept, created by Charles Horton Cooley in 1902, stating that a person's self grows out of society's interpersonal interactions and the perceptions of others.

How do you use Looking Glass Self in a sentence?

  1. We imagine how others see us. For example, Mary wears what she considers her lucky outfit so that nothing bad can happen to her.
  2. We imagine the judgments others make about us.
  3. We create our self-image according to the comments of others.

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