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How does the Last Supper relate to Passover?

At first glance, the Last Supper bears more than a passing resemblance to the traditional Passover meal. In most depictions, Jesus (a practicing, if somewhat rebellious, Jew) and his 12 disciples are reclining. In this view, the blood and body of Christ are linked directly to the Passover wine and matzo.

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Also asked, is the Passover the same as the last supper?

However, while the Synoptic Gospels present the Last Supper as a Passover meal, the Gospel of John makes no explicit mention that the Last Supper was a Passover meal and presents the official Jewish Passover feast as beginning in the evening a few hours after the death of Jesus.

Additionally, what are the primary differences between the Passover feast and the Lord's Supper? Passover is an event where Israelites sacrifice the lamb on the 14th day of the month of Nisan and consume it with bread and wine on the 15th. The Last Supper was the last meal Jesus had with his 12 apostles, after sacrificing a lamb in the morning and then consuming it with bread and wine in the evening.

Subsequently, question is, how did Jesus celebrate the Passover meal?

In some traditions, the ceremony is combined with washing one another's feet, as Jesus did for his disciples the night that he suffered (John 13:5-14). Other Christians celebrate the Passover as the Jews celebrate it. They roast and eat lamb, bitter herbs, and the unleavened Matza.

What is the symbolic meaning of Jesus celebration of the Last Supper one day before the Passover feast?

it symbolizes Jesus own resurrection from the dead when he will be exalted, never to die again. What is the symbolic meaning of Jesus' celebration of the Last Supper one day before the Passover feast? it symbolizes that Jesus is the Lamb of God whose sacrifice on the cross had freed all people from the slavery of sin.

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