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How does the Jendrassik maneuver affect the patellar reflex?

The Jendrassik maneuver will heighten (exaggerate) the patellar (knee-jerk) reflex by countering some of the normal descending inhibitory brainstem inputs to reflex arc interneurons. The patellar tendon must be tapped as soon as the subject is distracted by attempting to pull apart the interlocked fingers.

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Just so, does mental distraction affect patellar reflex?

A decrease in mental excitement is associated with a decrease in reflex is concluded about the effect of mental distraction. E. Is the patellar reflex more or less vigorous after exercise? The patellar reflex is less vigorous after exercise.

Furthermore, what does the Jendrassik maneuver test? The Jendrassik maneuver is a medical maneuver wherein the patient clenches the teeth, flexes both sets of fingers into a hook-like form, and interlocks those sets of fingers together. This maneuver is particularly useful in that even if the patient is aware of the maneuver's purpose, it still functions properly.

Thereof, why does a Jendrassik improve the strength of a reflex?

The JM will heighten (exaggerate) lower limb tendon reflexes by countering some of the normal descending inhibition the brain sends to the reflex arc. It can also help prevent conscious inhibition of the reflex. CLINICAL APPLICATION: When you decrease inhibition, you increase excitability.

How does the patellar reflex protect us?

Reflexes protect your body from harmful things. It's also called the deep tendon reflex (DTR), because the doctor actually is tapping on your patellar tendon. The tap on the tendon stretches the tendon, which in turn stretches the thigh muscle connected to it.

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