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How does the gas company shut off your gas?

The main gas shutoff valve is located near the gas meter supplied by your utility company. The valve appears in the line before the meter so that the gas can be shut off before it reaches the meter. There also may be a second shutoff valve after the meter, between the meter and the house.

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In this regard, can gas company shut off gas remotely?

Turning the gas on remotely could cause a gas leak in your house because none of your pilot lights will be lit, but turning it off remotely poses no risk. To shut it off, all they have to do is hit a couple buttons on a computer. To turn it on, they have to verify it's the person who says so.

Subsequently, question is, how long can a gas company leave you without gas? 24 hours

Similarly one may ask, what do I do if my gas is shut off?

Gas shut off

  1. Locate your main gas service shutoff valve.
  2. With a wrench, turn the lever in either direction until it is crosswise to the pipe.
  3. Once the gas is turned off, leave it off.
  4. Call PSE at 1-888-225-5773 and we will turn it back on, check the system and relight your appliances.

How do I know if my gas is shut off?

When the long side of the nub or handle is parallel to the incoming gas line, it's open and the gas is flowing. When it's turned a quarter turn, perpendicular to the incoming pipe, it's closed.

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