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How does temperature affect potential energy?

Yes, potential energy increases with increasing temperature for at least the following three reasons: At a higher temperature, more atoms/molecules are in excited electronic states. Higher electronic states correspond to greater potential energy. Potential Energy is -2 times Kinetic Energy.

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Thereof, does hot or cold water have more potential energy?

For example, hot water molecules move faster than cold water molecules. Hot water molecules move faster than cold water molecules and create more energy. The faster the object moves, the more kinetic energy it contains.

Subsequently, question is, what happens to potential energy during freezing? The big energy change when water freezes is in the potential energy of interactions between the water molecules. In the ice, the molecules arrange to touch in a way that lowers this energy.

Keeping this in view, does potential energy increase with boiling?

This is because once water reaches the boiling point, extra energy is used to change the state of matter and increase the potential energy instead of the kinetic energy. The opposite happens when water freezes. To boil or melt one mole of a substance, a certain amount of energy is required.

Does potential energy increase during phase change?

The energy that is changing during a phase change is potential energy. During a phase change, the heat added (PE increases) or released (PE decreases) will allow the molecules to move apart or come together. Heat absorbed causes the molecules to move farther apart by overcoming the intermolecular forces of attraction.

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