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How does Tafel plot calculate corrosion rate?

The anodic or cathodic Tafel plots are described by the Tafel equation: η = overvoltage, the difference between the potential of the specimen and the corrosion potential. Tafel constants are used to calculate corrosion rates from polarization resistance data (see Section II).

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Moreover, how do you calculate corrosion rate?

In order to calculate the rate of corrosion, the following information must be collected:

  1. Weight loss (the decrease in metal weight during the reference time period)
  2. Density (density of the metal)
  3. Area (total initial surface area of the metal piece)
  4. Time (the length of the reference time period)

Secondly, how do you get the Tafel slope?

  1. take one LSV curve at a particular rotation rate.
  2. convert the current to current density and the take absolute value of the current density data.
  3. take log value of abs current density data.
  4. plot the log value as x axis and potential as y axis.

Besides, how do you calculate thickness from corrosion?

1. Condition of a Corroded Pressure Vessel. Corrosion rate for thinning damage mechanisms is determined by the difference between two thickness readings divided by the time interval between the readings. The determination of corrosion rate may include thickness data collected at more than two different times.

What is MPY in corrosion rate?

Mils per Year – MPYCorrosion Rate Mils per year or MPY is used to give the corrosion rate in a pipe, a pipe system or other metallic surfaces. It is used to calculate the material loss or weight loss of a metal surfaces.

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