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How does price level affect aggregate supply?

Aggregate Supply (AS) Curve. The aggregate supply curve depicts the quantity of real GDP that is supplied by the economy at different price levels. Increases in the price level will increase the price that producers can get for their products and thus induce more output.

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Keeping this in view, why does the price level go up when aggregate supply decreases?

The short-run curve shifts to the right the price level decreases and the GDP increases. When the curve shifts to the left, the price level increases and the GDP decreases. In regards to aggregate supply, increases or decreases in the price level and output cause the aggregate supply curve to shift in the short-run.

Additionally, what causes an increase in aggregate supply? A shift in aggregate supply can be attributed to many variables, including changes in the size and quality of labor, technological innovations, an increase in wages, an increase in production costs, changes in producer taxes, and subsidies and changes in inflation.

Keeping this in consideration, how does price level affect aggregate demand?

When the price level falls, consumers are wealthier, a condition which induces more consumer spending. Thus, a drop in the price level induces consumers to spend more, thereby increasing the aggregate demand. The second reason for the downward slope of the aggregate demand curve is Keynes's interest-rate effect.

How does exchange rate affect aggregate supply?

An increase in exchanges rates causes an increase (rightward shift) of the aggregate curve. A decrease in the exchanges rates causes a decrease (leftward shift) of the aggregate curve.

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