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How does Madame Bovary die?

Eventually, she even attempts to prostitute herself by offering to get back together with Rodolphe if he will give her the money she needs. He refuses, and, driven to despair, she commits suicide by eating arsenic. She dies in horrible agony.

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In this regard, how did Madame Bovary kill herself?

Answer and Explanation: Madame Bovary poisons herself with arsenic because she is a headstrong young woman whose desires are stronger than her ability to cope with reality.

Also Know, is Madame Bovary a true story? 4. THE PLOT OF MADAME BOVARY WAS REPORTEDLY INSPIRED BY A REAL-LIFE SCANDAL Madame Bovary's plot was partly inspired by a sensational news story featuring a French woman named Delphine Delamare. At the age of 17, Delamare left her rural home to marry a health officer who, like Charles Bovary, was also a widower.

Furthermore, what is the point of Madame Bovary?

First, Madame Bovary is considered a great novel because it has a key place in french literature. 1857 is a key year in the french literary scene because of two trials. Both Madame Bovary and Baudelaire's Fleurs du Mal are attacked by the prosecutors for obscenity and affront to good moral standards.

What is the hobby that Emma and Leon share in Flaubert's Madame Bovary?

When Leon is a law clerk in Yonville, he shares many of Emma's romantic preconceptions and her love for sentimental novels.

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