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How does JEM react when scout tells him about overhearing Miss Gates at the courthouse?

In chapter 26, when Scout tries to talk to Jem about Miss Gates she mentions the courthouse. Jem grabs Scout and tells her never to mention that courthouse to him again. Jem is still very upset about what happened to Tom Robinson. Atticus tells Scout, "don't let Jem get you down."

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Then, why does JEM get angry when Scout tries to tell him about Miss Gates?

Scout is angry at Miss Gates, because Miss Gates does not see something very clearly. In other words, she has enormous blind spots. She is able to see that Hitler is an evil leader because he persecutes the Jews, but she is not able to see how those of Maycomb persecute blacks - especially in the case of Tom Robinson.

Beside above, how does the trial affect Scout and Jem? Next, Jem is affected by the trial for months after Tom's conviction. In fact, Atticus and Jem have extensive conversations about what happened during the trial and as a result thereof. Jem can't grasp how unfair the whole trial was and Atticus explains as follows: "'The older you grow the more of it you'll see.

Also asked, what is ironic about the discussion concerning Hitler's persecution of Jews in Scout's class?

The ironic thing about this discussion is that their teacher is saying that is wrong to persecute the Jews, and says that in the US they don't persecute anybody. Scout then realizes that they are persecuting the African Americans the same way in the States.

What is Cecil's current event about quizlet?

It was about Adolf and his treatment of the Jews. What does Scout picture will happen when she finally sees Boo Radley? Boo will run away.

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